On 25 February 2012, the Internet Democracy Project organised Make Blog Not War – A Freedom of Expression Training for Bloggers. If you would like to get a glance of what we did that day, have a look at the agenda. More importantly, however, you can meet all the #Makebloggers below!

Vidyut at AamJanata

Amruta at Amruta Mehta

Anand at Cerebral Salad

Shobha at I, Me and Media!

Indian Homemaker at Indian Homemaker

Shivam at Kafila

Kuber at MustBol and LoveMatters

Raghavendra at Silence Before the Storm

Anne at A Tentative Step

Mickey Sugarless at Soapboxfound

Kamayani at Kracktivist

Thejesh at ThejeshGN

Devangshu at Desperation of the Endless

Smita from CGNet Swara

The #Makebloggers were joined by four trainers: Nilanjana Roy (Akhond of Swat), Apar Gupat (Indian Law and Technology Blog), Bishakha Datta and Anja Kovacs (Internet Democracy Project)

Though their views do not necessarily represent those of the Internet Democracy Project, we are grateful to the #MakeBloggers for their fantastic contributions to stirring a debate on Internet censorship in India. You can find all the posts that they have written on Internet censorship in India as part of this project under #MakeBlog on this website.


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